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Our Mission

Nurse Sullivan caring for a young patient.Our Mission is to provide quality health care at affordable cost to the uninsured/underinsured  members of our community.  

We keep our costs lower by not filing Insurance.  This dramatically lowers our expenses, and we pass the savings on to our patients.

Our goal is to provide access to health care for everyone. 

Why no insurance?

Palmetto Family Healthcare is a small family practice clinic in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Our purpose is to provide quality health care to individuals and families in our community who do not have health insurance, or have high deductible insurance. Our country currently has 41% uninsured citizens (2005 Commonwealth fund survey). Many in our community are small business owners, self employed or employees of small businesses. These individuals often lack the financial means to provide comprehensive medical care for themselves or their employees. The 2005 Commonwealth Fund Survey states that Americans with moderate income are opting to be without medical insurance due to rising costs of healthcare.

Palmetto Family Healthcare was designed with these individuals in mind. Our office visit is $50.00. We charge reasonable prices for procedures/injections that may not be included in our office visit. School/sports/camp physicals are $35.00. We have tried to make ourselves accessible to those in our community who would otherwise not see a medical provider. We do not file any medical insurance; this allows us to charge less for the medical care we provide. The overhead costs for filing an insurance claim is $6.00-$11.00 with an average of 2.5 billing cycles per claim is approximately $20.00 Therefore, by circumventing all the bureaucratic costs associated with the insurance system, we are able to provide more affordable healthcare. Palmetto Family Healthcare is not a charity; we are a working medical clinic designed for the working uninsured.

Basic Charges:

  • Office visit - $50.00

  • School/camp/sports physicals - $35.00

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  • Diagnosis and treatment of common
    medical problems
  • Skin cancer removal
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Referral to specialists as needed

Ron Paul thinks health care should in the hands of everyday Americans, not left in the hands of HMOs, big drug companies, and government bureaucrats. Support Ron Paul for President.

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